Book Review: Sheila Walsh and Cindy Martinusen Coloma’s Song of the Brokenhearted

Ava’s life seems to be on the right track. Her husband, Dane, is a successful businessman, her daughter is soon to be married, and out of college, and her son, Jordan, is a sports star. It doesn’t seem there is much more a mother could ask for. Until out of nowhere things seem to begin fall apart. After husband job gets thrown on the rocks, and she finds her children don’t leave as perfect lives as she would have guessed. A surprise arrival at her house sends her on a new journey back home where she has unfinished business to tend to before she can pick up the pieces of her current life.

A popular topic in books now seems to be perfect Christian families who really do have some serious issues to tend to that maybe the rest of the world would look down on. The current book I’m reading, Mother of Pearl, also deals with the same thing. I think the biggest problem for me is that Ava just isn’t that likable. I don’t even think the family as a whole is really even relatable. Most Americans I wouldn’t say are as wealthy as these guys are.

I can only imagine the pressure that Sienna, and Jordan experience considering their parents idea of perfectionism. Thankfully, this book does seem to be realizing there are much more important things than what American ideals may consider important. The most interesting character was Jordan, so I wish more would have been focused on the fact he seemed to have some serious lurking issues after the incident that led him to be suspended from sports.

Back to Ava though, she was sort of an annoying character. There was never a moment where she seemed to really clash with her husband. She was the perfect wife. Always supportive, and always following him. I found it annoying to read about how they were having to sacrifice things that probably a lot of people can do without, and go without everyday. There is also a lot of suspense in the book that goes nowhere, and inner dialogue that just isn’t needed.

While Song of the Brokenhearted does have some interesting moments, it seems too fluffy in the end for me. The characters are like trying to be cool Christian characters who drink wine, and hint at bad sexual behavior in the past. Had the characters been more believable those things of their past might been more believable also. Instead I was left wanting to know more about characters like Jordan, and Bethany who go neglected in an attempt to further the story.

Rating 3 of 5.

This book was provided by Booksneeze in exchange for a review. 

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