Music Review: Mumford and Son’s Babel

I’m sure Mumford and Sons knew that after Sigh No More they were going to have a beast of a time following it up. There isn’t going to be pleasing everyone. Either something will have changed about the album even in the slightest sending people to say they have sold out, or either it will sound too similar. I’ve got to say I think Babel is the perfect follow up.Where Sigh No More conveyed a man in distress about his beliefs, love, and life, Babel shows a man who is certain of himself, and ready to take up the challenge to bare his faith, love, and life to the world.

Babel sounds like the beginning of another journey, but one rooted from Mumford and Sons prior one explored in Sigh No More.  I think it’s going to take a time and place for each song to grow on me. I didn’t like every song on Sigh No More right off the bat either. The stronger songs like “I Will Wait”, and “Below My Feet” will be instant crowd favorites. They have the soaring sounds of hope after brokenness that seems to be their dominating appeal.

Babel does have some other strong points. If you wanted more banjo then this album almost doesn’t feature a song without it. The way the banjo is incorporated in is one of my favorite sounds staple of Mumford and Sons. Marcus Mumford also utilizes his voice for the power it’s capable of. It soars with the music.  Of course there are oddities thrown in like the electric guitar. It sort of reminds me of the random drums Mumford played during “Dust Bowl Dance” in their debut.

There is a new boldness to Babel depicted from the band. Their faith is laid more on the table than ever, which is quite bold. I personally enjoy having a band I can feel like I relate to all around. They aren’t too shy to discuss Jesus, nor are they so worried about offending others they won’t throw out some expletives. They speak what they want, and I have to admire that. Babel still showcases what the band has grown famous for, which is giving people content they can relate to. It’s honest music. Mumford and Sons hold back none of their heart. They prove they are going to continue to lay their imperfections, heartaches, doubt, and confusion out there.

Rating 5 of 5.

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