Television Review: The Mindy Project (FOX)

Raunchy, and offensive might be two ways to sum up The Mindy Project starring The Office’s Mindy Lahiri. When Mindy isn’t working at the hospital she seems to be thinking about the next guy she can sex with yet at the same time make her rom-com dream happen even though no guy is probably going to intermingle the feelings of romance and a one-night stand.

Mindy opens the show by showing how she got arrested after embarrassing herself majorly at her ex’s wedding. While trying to balance her bad love life, and work she seems to be losing her responsibility with either. After missing a patient whose baby she was supposed to help deliver she grows frustrated with herself, and realizes she needs to make some improvements. With characters like a doctor, Danny, who will have sex on the spot, and another doctor, Jeremy, who seems have a thing for Mindy she has a lot on her plate at work. Friends Shauna, and Gwen also try to help her keep her love in check.

Depending on your ability to down raunchy humor this show might not be for everyone. Mindy doesn’t come off as a really likable character, but I think the point is to watch her character become better hence the project. Mindy seems to realize she is a mess, and she may not be the most attractive person personality wise, and that is what she is working on. Though, she seems to have no qualms about her ability to sleep with the first guy who looks at her.

Perhaps, the most interesting character of all is Jeremy, at least to me. You can so tell he is into Mindy, and his interest in her almost seems cliche. They don’t get along real well, but you can feel the chemistry. I guess it plays out about like Mindy’s interest in romantic comedies. As for the comedy, I think it’s all brought by Danny. I hate to say it, but the way he talks totally adds to it. He isn’t really that alluring though, so I had no idea why Mindy wanted to sleep with him so much.

The Mindy Project is one of those shows that it’s too soon to really tell what it’s potential is. There were some good comedic moments, but sometimes it just seemed a little too offensive. Mindy just doesn’t seem like the general public, which could be a good thing, but you have to be slightly relatable, and even slightly likable. She struggled to be either of those things.

Rating 3 of 5.

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