Television Review: Vegas (CBS)

There are many mystery shows. Probably too many of them to be honest, so when CBS was shoveling out another one they needed to try to do something a little different. So they brought us Vegas, which is based on a real life rancher turned sheriff, Ralph Lamb. Though the time period, and setting add to the interest of the show it still feels like CBS is targeted more to a generation that is much older than mine, which isn’t terrible, but is that their intention?

Set in the 1960s, Ralph Lamb founds himself threw into his first case when the governor’s daughter turns up dead. The mayor of Vegas recruits Lamb to be an investigator on this case after hearing his record in World War 2.  In his search for answers in the murder he is led to a casino where he butts heads with Vincent Savino. This leads to what appears to be a long time feud in the show for the amount of time it will be given on air.

If you’re already into the long list of crime shows on television then I think you’ll appreciate this new addition. I found it enjoyable at times myself, but mostly because of the scenery, and the way it looked in shooting. I’m not sure quite what I think about the story line thought it does help it is based on a true story. It’s more interesting to see someone’s life than stuff that is fiction, or at least I think so in this case. Dennis Quaid, and Michael Chiklis are also good in their roles.

I guess since I’ve watched so many movies from the 60s lately though, that I realized that some of the women’s clothes in particular didn’t feel very 60s. They had that style down, but there was a modernized feel to it. Men’s suits weren’t aren’t as slick as depicted either. They were more boxy in some ways. The little touches like the old photos did look very much from the time. I think the only ridiculous part I can recall is when the sheriff chases down a motorcyclists on his horse.

I there is hope for Vegas though in the fall lineup. It has a pretty huge all-star cast, and the story was a good start for the Pilot. I’m not sure how many viewers it’s going to take to keep on air what appears to be a pricey show though. Personally, I’m just not a huge fan of one hour shows, or the ones that fall into more detective, mystery like stories. If I knew someone into this type of show I would recommend it to them though.

Rating 3 of 5.

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