Television Review: 666 Park Avenue (ABC)

Following suit in the return of horror, ABC decides to try it’s hand at the genre again. 666 Park Avenue is bound to raise some eyebrows for it’s name, and as someone with quite a case of OCD I have a slightly hard time writing it out. Trust me, my OCD provides quite a few problems sometimes. Anyways, I do have to say for it’s first episode it does provide some scares, but come in with your expectations slightly lower. It’s the first episode, and network television can only do so much unlike FX.

A couple, Jane and Henry, are moving into The Drake, a prestigious hotel. Little does this couple know what they are stepping into once hired by Gavin and Olivia, the married couple who own the hotel. Once they move in it seems all their dreams are coming true as far as riches even though the two never ask for it. These two aren’t the only one affected by the unknowing deal they’ve made with the devil though. Other residence are revealed to be paying the price for their residence in the hotel that will grant the desires to fulfill sex, love, fame, and wealth.

I’ve got to say it’s probably one of the catchiest shows of the season, but how it will survive I don’t know. The positive is that I think the audience for this show will be of the younger variety. Most of the residences featured anyways appear to be in their twenties. I’m not sure what to think of the opening of the show though. We obviously see that this guy in the opening has done something to try to escape the owner, and doesn’t, but did we need that to get the rest of the show is the question? Wouldn’t it have been better to tie in the man trying to pay off the price of bringing back his dead wife in the episode? I personally think so.

Something about this show felt familiar though. I’m a watcher of both Pretty Little Liars, and The Vampire Diaries, and quickly felt the same vibe. It turns out the same company puts it out! I guess for some that would be a positive if you watch both those shows. The acting though is quite good. I don’t know if anyone is exactly stand out except the married couple, which happens to not be the main couple. Jane and Henry do meet a married couple quickly after moving in. It’s later revealed that the husband has wondering eyes for another woman, which makes the story perhaps the most interesting to happen so far.

I am genuinely curious about this show. I think the show will improve with episodes, and I’m sort of wondering how a few stories that popped up will play out. These guys have all walked into a trap without knowing it. I tried watching the show after midnight, and got a little freaked out. The characters are fascinating as you would hope when you are watching stories like this. There is also room for complexity in this show to take place if the writers can continue to expand on it.

Rating 4 of 5.

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