Book Review: Kristine McGuire’s Escaping The Cauldron

Kristin McGuire recounts the past eight years of her life when she began to delve into the the occult. She earned quite a place within the belief. She was a medium, a witch an investigator in a paranormal group, but now she a blogger, and speaker. McGuire shares her personal experience, and explains how Christians may not even know they are dabbling in things associated with the cult in her book.

I thought it was interesting as McGuire told a bit of her biological information describing her interest in darker things even as a child. From a very early age she was exploring how to communicate with the dead. I didn’t think kids would even want to think about that. I wish McGuire would have explore a bit more of her own life, and her interest though. She even wanted to be a fortune teller making me wonder how a kid even knows that could be a career prospect. I felt like the rest of the book was loosely tied back to her, and why certain things may not be good to let influence us.

I like how McGuire never seems preachy. Ultimately I think she knows some things she can’t say with 100% certainty are wrong, so she goes about an understandable way of stating why those things can probably be assumed to not appropriate to take part in. Some of the chapters are really short though. On one hand I felt she couldn’t have really talked on the subject any longer with how she was going, and on another I thought it could have used more depth. Her writing flows well though, and I think you could hear her speaking voice throughout.

Personally,  I did think I would be finding out things that I never knew were apart of the occult, or assumed to be, and be able to take that and be shocked. That didn’t happen though. While I have never believed in ghosts myself I have also always thought there was something mysteriously wrong with some people’s approach toward it.

This does make an interesting Halloween read. In a few spots I thought her argument could be stronger, but I did like how she keeps an open approach to things. Obviously, the other doesn’t practice anything she did in the occult anymore either, and after seeing how hardcore involved she was you do get a vibe of how drastic of a change that was.

Rating 3 of 5

This book was provided by Glass Roads Publication in exchange for a review.

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