Wednesday Movie Night: The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

It’s that time of the year again, and to keep with the idea of Halloween this year I’m bringing you another movie appropriate for the day.

Five friends pack to take a vacation at a cabin after one of them claims his cousin sent an invite. When they arrive at the cabin though they instantly begin to sense something just isn’t right especially after meeting a guy who definitely seem intimidating on a stop for gas. Dana, Curt, Holden, Jules, and Marty are friends just looking to have some fun, but they day quickly grows worse upon some terrifying discoveries. Unknowingly a much bigger reason lurks for the horror that is about to meet them.

Everyone kept telling me that The Cabin in the Woods was a good break from the modern horror you keep seeing. After hearing nothing bad about this movie I was extremely curious by the time I sat down to watch it. How can a movie be that different? Much like Scream this movie plays up the stereotypical horror, but the twists are what you will never see coming. Considering the range of monsters this is one movie probably will most find something to like about it.

There isn’t anything personally stand out about the acting. Everyone basically seems to know how to do their roles as typical person in a terrifying situation in this one. It’s what lays at the heart of this movie that makes it what it is. When the movie came on I asked why we were inside an office like building? I didn’t expect that though I knew the concept from others so I figured we were just getting an early peek. Chris Hemsworth plays Curt, and is probably one of the few recognizable people that I had knew of prior to the movie besides Bradley Whitford. The two characters that really take the lead are Dana (Kristen Connolly) and Marty (Fran Kranz). Marty is what kept the movie sort of filled with personality for acting as far as for me. I laughed a couple of times at some his jokes.

The twists are what keep you turning at this movie though. One moment when something seems to be going it’s stereotypical route then it will change up. I’m pretty sure there were several huge twists that left me unable to at least leave the room while watching. I rarely say this, but I’m actually curious enough to think I wouldn’t be very mad if they made a sequel to show what happened after the movie.

The Cabin in the Woods is advertised like any old modern horror movie. Young people who probably go to party, get drunk, and have lots of sex end up being terrorized by a killer. Instead this film shows why this is happening in it’s own crazy way. Don’t expect any great moral story or anything though. It isn’t made leaving you wanting to improve.

Rating 4 of 5

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