Television Review: Chicago Fire (NBC)

There are something about NBC shows dealing with rescue units that all feels the same. I don’t know how seriously I can take a show that has most their characters looking like Taylor Kinney though. Not that he is a terrible actor, but he essentially just seems to be eye candy. On top of that we have two female ambulance drivers who are like the “strong but beautiful type”, and one turns out to be a beautiful lesbian. In the hunt to constantly keep the firemen busy with action we sort of lose sight of who these characters are.

Chief Boden makes sure that he has a crew who can respond as soon as possible to the needs of Chicago citizens. The firefighters lives include Matthew, and Kelly. Matthew is trying to balance his job, and feelings for a lady, and Kelly seems to have an issue with drugs. There is also the rescue unit that consists of Leslie and Gabriela. With the many dangers of working on the firefighting crew can have these guys also fight to maintain their relationships and livelihood.

I wasn’t looking forward to watching Chicago Fire just because these type of shows usually aren’t interesting, and this proves to be the same. The guys are really bland, and look like some sort of model display walking around so it makes it difficult to take them seriously. The same goes for the women. There is something just not realistic about the whole setup. On top of that there is a fire it seems every 2 seconds on the show leaving us no room to know what the heck is going on with the actual characters.

I think since ER left NBC they have been fighting to find a show that brings whatever emotions it did to television that made it the hit it was. The positive about ER is that it wasn’t too much of a soap opera. Though the cast was attractive they had a realistic element to them. On one hand I can’t think of another show on television where everyone is fighting fires so maybe this will help it.

I understand females can be attractive, and tough. There have been ladies to pull this off well like Milla Jovovich. There is something annoying about these two ladies I can’t quite point out though. Lately, it seems television is trying to shove this stereotype down our throat though, and I honestly can’t even think of a legitimate feminine female on television who embraces being a cute, classy lady. They all have to be snarling now!

Anyways, Chicago Fire will appeal to some. It’s not that awful, but there are too many moments where it seems to take itself too seriously for me. I couldn’t find anything about the characters that I related, and if you’re going to try to take the eye candy route then I guess the guys need to be more appealing to some people.

Rating 2 of 5

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