273 of 1001 Albums: Hawkwind’s Space Ritual

Hawkwind released their album, Space Ritual, in 1973. It fits a lot with what I’m hearing in 1973. It’s like the psychedelic sounds of the 60s are now being meshed in with a more hard rock sound, so it’s making for something like Hawkwind sounds like. I can’t say this is too much my style, and the songs were long. I think my ADD keeps me from thoroughly enjoying from sitting for 2 hours. At times the guy almost has the David Byrne almost sounding vocals, which is interesting. I would say that David Byrne sounds like him of course being he was the first singer, but I’m more familiar with Byrne.

Space Ritual’s best moments were the minute long songs where the guy just did this weird space thing. “The Black Corridor”, and “The Awakening” stick out as far what I think of mentioning that. You also have a lot of guitar moments that make the album interesting, and if you like a good guitar solo then the album has plenty of moments for it to shine.

This is probably one of the longest albums I’ve had on the list so far though. I was pretty lost by the end of it. Also, I think something really needs to be your style of music for it to actually appeal to you. Nothing is wrong with the album itself, but music is relative to the person in appeal. While I can appreciate some of the things happening, I couldn’t ever find a song I wanted to go back and listen to.

For anyone into music significant to the 70s then Hawkwind is a nice addition to what you might already listen to. The guitar sounds good, and you have strong vocals with it. For others who may not be into the 70s rock style then you’ll find you might not give it another listen. It has it’s reason for being appealing though to someone.

Rating 2 of 5.

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