Wednesday Movie Night: Prometheus (2012)

Everyone in this movie clearly needs to watch Alien, because I think this whole repeat could have been avoided if they had. Meredith Vickers leads a team of explores on a mission to a planet where it is said that the creators of men inhabit. David, an android, seems to have an agenda of his own while the other members set out to explore if any life forms still remain on the planet. The story then begins to be thrown forward by Elizabeth Shaw, who is leading the investigation with her boyfriend, Charlie. When the team brings back a mysterious piece of their mystery it begins to wreak havoc on their ship, Prometheus, and shows they are not finding what they hoped for.

I really enjoyed Ridley Scott’s Alien, and so naturally I was very excited about watching Prometheus. While I ended up liking the film a lot I think there are many reasons that others will find to hate it. Particularly, the fact it seems just like Alien, scientific flaws, and some dumb characters. I think the suspense, and the fact it stirs some emotion in me makes it worth liking though.

You have a pretty huge cast here with leads like Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Noomi Rapace. I also didn’t even recognize Guy Pearce in this film. I think all the actors carry it the best they can, but Fassbender is stand out as David. I’ve seen him in other movies, and he knows how to take on a character, and immerse himself in it. He’s proven himself to be an actor who is building a great career.

It is true that you constantly wonder why characters make the choices they do throughout the movies. They are on a foreign planet, and it’s obvious something disastrous has happened yet everyone is touching odd materials, and wanting to take dead stuff back to the ship. This just doesn’t seem safe if you have the hope of studying on site. Also, I’m certain this seemed to follow the exact same steps that Alien took in it’s movie. I knew what to expect just because it handled things the same. I have to say that Scott has a way of terrifying though, and the movie did that. Technology has ruined his ability to scare. He uses the same techniques that made Alien terrifying, and apply them here. There were times I couldn’t watch the screen.

As long as you don’t over analyze Alien too much I think it’s enjoyable. It kept me entertained, and there were moments it was terrifying. All the actors pull their best too even if there characters are struggling against no deep back story. With the announcement of a part two already coming I have to say I’m looking forward to what they do with it.

Rating 4 of 5.

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