Wednesday Movie Night: Tangled (2010)

Disney ups it’s cuteness with Tangled where you have a princess who has the vibe of the classic ones, and a very nice sidekick in Flynn. You also have an assortment of cute animals to entertain like Maximus the horse, and the little lizard. The voices fit the personality so well, and you get a lot of nice Disney tunes to break into through various parts of the film.

Rapunzel is kept locked in a tower by an evil sorceress who kidnapped her when she was a baby because of the powers her hair contains. Rapunzel is getting older though, and more anxious to get out to see the lit up lanterns she sees flies over the city every year. Flynn, a criminal, comes across the tower she is kept locked away in. Rapunzel gets a hope to one of his treasures, and tells him that in exchange for helping her find the lit lanterns she will return his belongings. After she leaves this causes, Mother Gothel, the lady who has kept her hostage, to go on a search for her before someone finds that the princess is alive.

Tangled has a lot of good messages, and enjoyment for the younger crowd. Rapunzel is a strong princess who doesn’t have the damsel in distress stereotype we sometimes associate with the past ones. She is able to get things done herself. Flynn also finds that maybe his time as a ladies man has run it’s course showing us a side of most of the men that got the princesses’ attention we haven’t seen. They were probably pretty arrogant guys.

Mandy Moore, and Zachary Levi do a good job with their voices of Rapunzel, and Flynn. Mandy Moore has a voice that sings even when she isn’t singing so it’s nice to listen to, and see reflected in another character. Levi is good also, and has a great voice to contribute since it has a lot of character. You learn about friendship, lies, and loyalty in this movie. You also have the grand romance that is all feel good even if it is a little cheesy.

Tangled is a good movie for the family, a date night, or if you’re just needing something to pick you up. It has no downer vibes about it. The cast that voice the characters aren’t so celebrity that they actually distract you from the movie. I don’t know if anyone but me has watched a movie the whole way through and thought “that is so and so’s voice? Tangled is a nice addition to the collection of movies you can watch at anytime with anyone.

Rating 4 of 5.

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