286 of 1001 Albums: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

For me I grew up seeing the symbol a lot, and as I grew older I realized it was associated with the band Pink Floyd. Though they’ve released many other albums that have went on to be classics, this one seems to have become their symbol. After having listened to one Pink Floyd album so far, I have to say I enjoyed Dark Side of the Moon better. It escapes some of the sounds of the late 60s, and 70s rock they grew from, and takes on a story of it’s on. With how progressive the album it is the sound is timeless. For an album that isn’t a concept album it seems to feel like they are telling about something.

“Speak to Me/Breathe” features some of the organ like sounds I’m not too fond of, but it lets you know this album isn’t going to sound like anything you have been hearing.  My personal favorites had to be “On the Run”, and “Money”. I think “On the Run” changed my mind about the direction this album might be heading in, and I liked how the band tried to put together what sounds like one huge song, but different themes in each.

Upon listening you notice how each song glides into the other. Though each song offers a different sound it all blends together nicely. I don’t think this album is for everyone, but I think what was done on it can be appreciated. There are some I would find myself listening to again, and other I might not remember listening to, and move on from.

I’m not sure whether at the end of this you can truly pick apart the songs to listen to from the rest of the album because of how they play into each other, but it might be something I go back and do. I think anyone can find something that will catch them about it. It’s a different step into a new foray of music for a time where a lot has sounded the same.

Rating 3 of 5.

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