290 of 1001 Albums: The Isley Brothers’ 3+3

With some talented vocals, and some very 70 grooves there is something for someone to like about The Isley Brothers. As someone who hasn’t found too much I like about the funk music it was a lot of pondering how I felt about it. There were moments where I thought they shined, and other songs that didn’t catch me as much. Though it’s a great way to get acquainted with the 70s music I also felt it wasn’t something I could listen to outside that era.

“What It Comes Down To” has a really good guitar riff to it during the later part of the song, which is worth mentioning. You will also notice the very popular “That Lady Part 1 and 2” should ring very familiar to a lot of people. I felt very strange not knowing that The Isley Brothers sung that song especially since I was familiar with their name, but not exactly what style of music they sang.

“You Walk Your Way” was probably the highlight of the album for me though. I thought there was something standout about the music, and vocals together. It was very catchy. I can’t say I’m completely sold on this style of music, but I can appreciate it for what it is. It’s very immersed in the sounds, and culture of that time if you’re looking to explore it.

What can most be appreciated is how the vocals are done. Maybe some might be disturbed by this comparison but it reminds me a lot of the later boy bands I would listen to as far as harmonies and what not. These guys do have way more talent though.  I’m not really going to pick up listening to this style though as it didn’t ultimately catch me that much.

Rating 3 of 5.

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