291 of 1001 Albums: New York Dolls’ Self Titled

In 1973 The New York Dolls gave us a first sampling of sounds that later punk bands would heavily incorporate into their music, especially in the 80s. These guys are like a merging of glam rock and punk rock sounds. Not only that, but their style would be something many bands took into the 80s with them.

The guitar riffs are a huge strong point in this album. You sound like you are getting the “roll” in rock and roll. “Looking For A Kiss”, which is one of the albums strongest songs, also showcases the high points of the use of the guitar on the album along with the other instruments.

David Johansen also has a great voice for punk. It is a lot of fun to listen to. The vocals on “Trash” have a great sound to them especially with the back vocals that are included. Overall, it makes the punk sound come around to feel complete. Between “Trash”, and “Looking For A Kiss” you have a host of songs that are great to listen to whether you’re driving, or you’re looking to chill with a group of people. They are worth multiple repeats.

There are a lot of songs to enjoy on this album. You end it well “Jet Boy” and “Pill”, which sum up the whole album. You have enough range to get a full scale of what this band will bring forth in future bands that will stay prevalent. It’s one of those albums you will even want to listen to on the whole, which is a rare find in a world where not every song can be as good as the other.

Rating 4 of 5.

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