Movie Rental: The Avengers (2012)

Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America are stand alone move goer draws, but put them all in one movie and you have a huge audience. Joss Wheidon hasn’t directed many movies, but he brings his best with this one, and Serenity has already made it’s impact in the movie industry. The Avengers comes out funny, exciting, and honestly good for the whole family to watch.

When Loki, and his army from another planet threaten the safety of earth Nick Fury is called on to organize a group, The Avengers, to help defend earth from this threat. The Avengers have a lot of ego, and jealousy to defeat between each other before they can actually come together to beat even a larger threat. Also, Loki has brainwashed a few key people that they will need to reach in order to change events.

The Avengers is an adrenaline rush of a movie, and much better than any of the previous individual superhero movies done on each of these characters. It’s also nice to have a movie you can watch with your family. There is hardly any cursing, there are no sexual scenes to make you feel awkward around them, and it has some good laughs that the older and young will like. You also have good acting from the actors. It’s really hard to outshine Robert Downey Jr. in this one though.

Iron Man is the guy that people seem to most be drawn to. It makes sense that is why he is almost front and center of the poster.  Mark Ruffalo comes in and does a great job with Hulk. He needs to get his own movie with that character after this. Chris Hemsworth doesn’t seem to take the spotlight a lot, but there is certainly nothing wrong his portrayal of Thor either. Also, Chris Evans as Captain America does a great job of bouncing he tension off Iron Man for a lot of comedic moments, and action.

You can also tell this movie is made for 3D, but has cool scenes you can enjoy without it too. You have scenes that glide really well with the other ones to make for great transitions. The look and feel of the movie is great to watch too. As said, it’s the chemistry between the characters who work off each other that makes for good watching too.

There is a reason beyond the fact it’s a superhero movie that makes The Avengers good. It’s well done, and well acted. Viewers will be enthralled throughout while watching. It has some nice messages about standing up for what is right even if that gets you in major trouble, and loyalty which mix in with it’s appeal to families also.

Rating 5 of 5.

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