292 of 1001 Albums: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s Next

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band is an interesting listen, with a very different sound. He’s an odd mix of genres, and instruments that give it the quirkiest vibe you will hear. The album cover can’t help but you think of France a few times as you go through the songs on the album. Though the sound won’t appeal to everyone you got to give him credit for uniqueness.

Once cutting the album on you’ll notice some unique song titles including, “Swampsnake”, and ” Gang Bang”. You’ll instantly get a glance over of the offbeat nature of the album, and then once you begin listen you’ll find the lyrics are set to match. This album feels fun though, and certainly isn’t boring in that sense.

You have an interesting array of guitar and brass that makes for a varied sound throughout. The music is nothing like Alice Cooper, but for some reason it just gave me that vibe if he was to set off into this style. You have a broad scope in this one. Alex Harvey’s voice are a unique tool on their own. He knows how to use them with the music given.

Though this won’t be everyone’s flare, it isn’t like many have heard before. It may not garner repeat listens from everyone, but you’ll see why it does have fans. With catchy songs, and a path into music that probably was still being discovered it opens up the door to more avenues to listen and enjoy music for people from different genres.

Rating 3 of 5.

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