Book Review: Michael John Cusick’s Surfing for God

Michael John Cusick shares deeply personal stories to share how porn can damage the mind of men. In a world where porn has become the norm it’s quite appropriately timed to show that the affects are quite deeper than we believe especially if you are trying to achieve a spiritual walk with Christ.

Cusick whats to show that the reason men are turning to porn is because they are settling for less of a feeling than what they are searching for. In a search to to really feel their spiritual side in knowing what it’s like to be desired, and to have affection from a woman they are settling to see it in porn. Cusick provides first the basis of what propels men to view porn, and then goes into steps of how to break the addiction including practicing an exercise routine, and taking a few minutes of the day to pray.

Since Cusick has struggled with an addiction to porn, and other sexual acts he seems like the guy to be writing a book about it. As someone who isn’t a male it can be left to him to probably understand it better though those will have more questions are reading since he does address that since not everyone will have the chance to get married in life that they won’t have a place to act on the sexual desires they feel. His talk about how sex is one of the act closest associated with achieving what God is like leaves those who are single a little concerned about how they are every supposed to perceive this part of spirituality he is talking about. Are the unmarried just left in the dark then, and left to struggled with not settling for porn if they can’t find a wife?

Cusick never thankfully prescribes marriage as the cure, nor puts pressure on the wife to meet the man’s needs. He instead promotes practicing to get over the addiction. The only problem again not really discussed is a man’s need to eventually react anyways regardless of whether he is watching porn. This seems to be a point that many of these self-help books miss. While they are spot on about the problems of porn they forget people’s bodies are made to eventually act by their reproductive nature if they are functioning without problems. Cusick does try to address problems that aren’t commonly talked about still, and he does admit it’s a grey area with some, but still provides that he can’t fully label it right either like masturbation. Near the end of the book the author makes stronger points about the benefits of trying to live a life that focuses more on what is beneficial, and not being discouraged by our sins, and falls.

Cusick has some points I would like to walk away with even though I’m not male. As far as my prayer life I think some of his points are worth taking into consideration, and he is overall right about the destructive nature of porn. The guy is speaking from experience, and he has spoke to many other men about their experiences to know what he is talking about.

Rating 4 of 5.

This book was provided by Booksneeze in exchange for a review. 

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