296 of 1001 Albums: Bad Company’s Self Titled

Bad Company doesn’t have the flare of an English rock band with a slight different tone in their sound, but this uniqueness you instantly realize upon turning on the band to listen to. They are bringing in a bit of an updated sound from England to carry us into the mid-seventies that seems to have some punk roots in their tempo. Bad Company delivers an album that may not be the most memorable, but it’s a good listen.

“Can’t Get Enough” kicks off the album right because it sets the band up for a perfect fit to the rest of the album. You’ll have a couple of favorites after listening through it in it’s entirety. Not every song seems as memorable as the other, and some seem to glide together in similarity.

What fits together is the vocals, and the instruments though. The name of the band, Bad Company, fits their overall tough attitude they present throughout the album. As for recommended listening, “Seagull” is a surprisingly good song that appears at the end of the album. It’s basically the best saved for last, and shows that the band has more range that what the prior songs had represented them as.

Overall, Bad Company may not feel like a band you would go back to, but you might find yourself wondering about what caught your attention in the first place after listening, and then find you are giving them a listen over again. It’s a good foundation for a band to begin from, and gives them room to grow in the future, as certainly they did.

Rating 3 of 5.

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