Book Review: C.J. Mahaney’s Christ Our Mediator

C.J. Mahaney doesn’t take a very extensive approach in his book, Christ Our Mediator, on explaining his point, but for people wanting to quickly be revived in their walk, or just an overview of what to know about Christ it can be a refreshing read. Mahaney chooses to center mostly on the events of the cross, and use perceiving it through God’s eyes instead of ours.

An objective view of Christ’s sacrifice isn’t something many people take these days. It’s mostly something we look at through our subjective lenses rooted in human feelings. While Mahaney doesn’t discourage our own feelings he wants to encourage instead that we try to see one that is less driven by how we feel about things, and more of what Jesus says. With this he provides many verses to get you thinking over the thought he has presented.

Once you have read the book you’ll wish it was a bit longer as the author had plenty of room to expand many points that were good ones to expand on. For those looking for a quick meditative read then it fits that perfectly. The author cuts straight to the point, and doesn’t waste time trying to fill extra space for the sake of filling space, nor does he quote tons of other authors to make his point when I could just go read those other books.

Each chapter makes a point, and does a good job at carrying it out. Mahaney does succeed at getting the reader to think objectively about the cross, but the only problem is as humans our perspectives will always be limited by subjectivity. There is an objective point, but humans can only comprehend so much. The shortness of this book will be appreciated though as it sinks in quick, and lasts a while.

Mahaney wrote a book that can appeal to anyone because it doesn’t take much to read, but yet provides some deep insight. Mostly, if you’re wanting to reflect on Christ it is a good way to begin. You’ll walk away wanting to get back into the Gospels and read the accounts he is discussing, and practice the objective perception of it.

Rating 4 of 5.

This book was provided by Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for a review.  

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