302 of 1001 Albums: Genesis’ Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Whether it is soaring vocals, guitars, or an assortment of other instruments, Genesis has made sure to make this album a journey into different lands that will inspire many, and confuse some. With some songs that work better as intros to others, and other songs that sound like a drop back to a movie.

For fans this is probably a bittersweet album. It’s one of their better ones, and the last to feature the great vocals from Peter Gabriel in the band. The album works because it almost sounds live though it is a studio album. Be prepared to want to keep up with the lyrics though considering it is a concept album. You will want to follow the story taking place making for a better listening experience. The cover art probably already has you hooked anyway, and the images featured on it capture the journey very well.

The story told within the lyrics is one of juvenile troublemaker, Rael. After being swept underground in New York City he is left to face some scary creatures in order to rescue his brother John who also is there. The album’s music comes together perfectly in lyrics, and sound to capture the intensity of the story being told. It makes listening to the music that much magical to sit and imagine the story being told, and match it with the songs. We relate this concept so much to movies and book that we forget that music is just as capable of telling straight forward stories.

There are some songs that garner repeat attention like “The Carpet Crawlers”. If nothing else continue to listen to the album till you continue to get to this one. The album sounds much after you hear the creativeness in this song, and then can go on to appreciate the rest. With Brian Eno to help out on this album it gives it a flare it wouldn’t have otherwise had. “Fly On a Windshield” also has a great atmosphere about it.

Though this is the last album with Peter Gabriel the band found a suitable vocalist to follow suit. Remember Phil Collins? The vocals will sound very familiar to him on this album, but he is the one who took over that spot after Gabriel left. This album is best listened to as a whole from beginning to end. The intent of the album is better caught when you do. Just prepared to be listening for a while as it is a long, epic album.

Rating 3 of 5.

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