318 of 1001 Albums: Supertramps’ Crime of the Century

The cover art sums up this third album from Supertramp quite well. It’s very dramatic, and the lyrics are intense. While the backing music is fun there is something very serious underlying this album. While the themes of loneliness, and mental instability are present the band didn’t do this as a concept album as some other progressive rock bands have done.

While “School” might catch you, you will find that the album gets better as it goes like with songs “Hide In Your Shell”. Though there is no story being told upfront the album still progresses just as if a real story is being told. The album knows how to catch you though because when the first song starts it’s very silent, and keeps you in suspense for a few with where it might be going. Rick Daviesand Roger Hudgson’s vocals consistently shine throughout the music.

“Dreamer” is one of the shorter songs, and one of the best. The vocals are interesting, and the music matches very well around on it. In most the songs the guitar takes off to make a great piece to listen to. Roger Hodgson shows all his talent very strongly throughout it. The songs are quite lengthy though with most of them going over six minutes. They are unique though, and a lot of creativity was fused into the music. With songs like “Rudy” you get the guitar, pianos, electronics, and vocals coming together to make a great sound.

Supertramp come back from a band breakup, and some hard times to still show they wanted to make good music. The album may take a certain mood to appreciate the lighter, and darker tones of it, but the emotions poured into it are what make it better. There are a lot of nice build ups within in the song. It probably makes for a soaring concert to see it come to life.

Recommended Listen: If Everyone Was Listening
Rating 3 of 5.

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