320 of 1001 Albums: Van Morrison’s It’s Too Late To Stop Now

Now it’s time for an extremely long live album, that thankfully is a good one that is performed live. Most will claim this is the best live album you will hear recorded. The sound is quite crisp, and Morrison has the singing talent, and backing band to pull it off in front of an audience. It’s a pretty epic album though with 18 songs to listen through.

It’s hard for most to even pick a favorite. Every song has a nice flow to it, and his voice hits the right spots every time to stir something in the listener whether you’re listening to the opening “Ain’t Nothing You Can Do”, or it’s “I Just Want to Make Love to You” he seems to have the ability to bring his all to each performance. You probably won’t even know it’s live till the audience begins cheering, or clapping. Also, you can get a bit of live flare in the album, which is cool, but you can easily imagine it just as much so being performed in a studio. What’s interesting though is that Morrison doesn’t sound like an Irish singer though he is.

Besides containing a lot of songs, some of them are also really long. This gives a lot for the instruments to progress into a huge sound together, but it takes a long time to sit down, and just let this album sink in. This also leaves more songs with the ability to not quite have the impact as others that will be picked out as favorites. The backing band has a lot of good sounds to listen to though. Whether it’s the riff of the guitar, or the brass that chimes in it sounds good together.

It’s difficult to dislike a guy who has such obvious talent. He sounds good, and he can even pull of a live album. The band consisted of eleven-pieces, and each of them seem to all get their spot to shine in the songs.  It creates a relaxing atmosphere to listen to this one in, and you’ll have plenty of time to chill out to it. Morrison is worth the time to check out though, and since some songs aren’t quite as strong as others you can skip a few to get through to your favorites.

Rating 4 of 5.

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