Saturday Movie: Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

If you enjoyed the original direction of Resident Evil, then you might like the idea that Paul Anderson is back for the fifth movie in the lineup, Resident Evil: Retribution. Just because he is back though doesn’t mean that it will be your next favorite in the series. The story feels like it is thinning out a bit, and searching for some direction that it used to have. Also, Anderson direction style takes it a notch up to give that video game feel, which may have been why his take on The Three Musketeers didn’t go over that well either.

When Alice finds herself captive of the Umbrella corporation again, a resistance movement breaks it’s way in to rescue her, and get her away from it. Her old friend, Jill Valentine, now an enemy after being compromised, is now on the hunt for her though, and won’t stop till she finds her again. It isn’t going to be that easy running from her though considering the world she is in is in several different layers. Along the way she sees old faces from a time ago, and meets someone she feels whose life is dependent on hers.

Considering the story is sort of running out it seems it’s time to stop putting these out. While Anderson revives a lot of the vibe that the first movie had that you will like about it, you may get a little lost in what is actually happening, considering the world just seems to be gone now. For people who like the video game vibe, they may like that this movie feels like a lot of levels that the characters are fighting to reach after getting through one.

There isn’t a lot of strong acting either in the movie. Milla Jovovich is the strongest one of the group as Alice, and she shows that she still has what it takes to be Alice. Michelle Rodriguez returns for her role as Rain, which if you watched prior movies you’ll be wondering how she makes her return. Rodriguez doesn’t seem like a hugely diverse actress to capture different types of people though, so when she returns for this she may make you think of many other characters she has played like, Ana-Lucia on Lost. Maybe that is what she likes though. She isn’t a terrible actress though. The only two who seem to truly suffer from not the greatest acting and get a bit more screen time are Sienna Guillory as Jill, and Bingbing Li as Ada. At times they seemed very rigid in their roles.

What Anderson does is try to highlight the action a lot. The story, and everything else is to amp that aspect as much as it can. For the story it works, and the way he directs is probably what will have some curious to come and see what is happening. There are many moments where you can tell he seems to be excited to throw back in the old flare he had in the first one. Also, you can tell in a lot of spots it is made for 3-D, so you may not get the full spectacular moment of the scene since you aren’t watching it in it.

Since the movie is short it doesn’t ever really drag, which is a huge positive. The pacing is able to keep up well, and not frustrate viewers too bad when they realize they have no idea what the heck is happening with a story anymore in the movies. You’ll also be glad that Milla keeps coming back as Alice. She is one of the few women who can do tough, and not make it so annoying while she is doing it. She balances it just right where she still seems like a woman, and can fight.

Rating 3 of 5.

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