Music Review: Indians’ Somewhere Else

Soren Lokke Jul is just one guy, but he can perform many instruments, and sing, and he looks to showcase that in his project called Indians. In his debut album, Somewhere Else, he showcases the beauty of what he is able to put together himself. It has the light vocals that Justin Vernon often captures, and a mix of indie vibe that keeps it thriving throughout, and the listener anxious to hear more.

“New” was a great song to begin with. The songs after it are good, but they wouldn’t have been near a good choice to begin with. The songs ability to build upon itself just catches you. You may not even be sure what to think about the whole album, because on one side it is one of the beautiful albums probably hear this year, and on the other it sort of feels underwhelming with how much the first song misled you into believing you were just about to be blown away.

“Bird” and “I Am Haunted,” continue to revive any interest you want to keep though. You can’t help but keep listening just to see what potential the album holds. Then you arrive at the last song, and title song, “Somewhere Else”, and all hope is put back in. It’s worth listening to the whole album just to get the build up of this song, because then the whole album makes sense as to why you were listening. You feel very satisfied after this song at what you’ve just listened to.

Along with the music, Jul knows how to capture someone with the voice he is leading the music with. Since the music has an indie pop vibe, he knows how to place his voice with it, and capture the complete feel you need to enjoy it. Whether you want to take a drive at night listening to it, or sit at home with the lights out and  just relaxing there is something about it that instills peace.

Indie pop is coming out with some great artists to offer in music of late with bands like Sucre, and Indians the genre is taking on life that makes you look forward to seeing what is in store for it because it’s one of the newer embarking’s. Indians is worth a listen though, but set up the right place for it. It doesn’t seem like any time of the day music. The album from Indians releases January 22nd.

Recommended Listen: Somewhere Else
Rating 5 of 5.

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