Television Review: Continuum (SyFy)

Continuum is a new show in SyFy’s already appealing cult lineup of shows they have. Unless you’re really into time travel, or something this show isn’t the most interesting to watch. You have an attractive female lead (that I appreciate they didn’t overkill on trying to selling her appearance), a lasting story line of terrorist lose in the past, a well-shot show, and some action. There is something missing though that keeps you watching though.

Keira lives in 2077, and she is a detective. They have caught the most wanted terrorists in the future, and are going to execute them until something goes wrong sending Keira and the terrorists to the past, 2012. Once arriving there she spots one of the terrorist sending her on an instant hunt to catch them all again. While trying to contact her team before knowing she is 2012, she comes in contact with Alec, a guy who has his own radio, van thing set up. Her and him instantly team up since she has no one else she can trust. She also teams up with the police, specifically Carlos, to try to set out to catch them, and return home at some point.

For some reason the show, or at least a lot of it, was just dull. The last 15 minutes it became a tad interesting, especially with the fact Keira knows what happens to Alec in the future, but for most of it it’s really difficult to stay focused on it. The futuristic setting is just to overdone, and it portrays it in a way that we always see the future. When she gets to the past again we have a little chase scene, and then a lot of a slowness.

Some might appreciate though that the show tries to build characters in those moments though instead of building upon action after action. There isn’t enough chemistry though to really get the feelings between the characters to capture you. Also, the acting is good at least. Rachel Nichols is Keira, and while a little bland she isn’t bad either. Alec, portrayed by Erik Knudsen, is the more interesting of the main cast, but he also looks like that guy they would cast as the geek. It would be interesting to see how his character continues to develop if you have plans to continue to watch.

The show is shot really well also. It feels like a movie in a lot of ways. The scenes are sort of desaturated too, which seems like the in thing to do to movies and television these days. Personally, it’s more interesting the more saturated the colors are in what I’m watching. The production though comes off pretty good while watching.   It isn’t really a bad show, but considering the subject matter it is going to be a a hit for certain audiences.

Continuum probably has longevity on SyFy, it just doesn’t like the type of show to be cancelled. For people not too into time travel, or don’t find a connection with the characters then it feels a little lacking. There isn’t anything too unique about it, but the plot of her trying to catch escaped convicts from the future is quite intriguing in theory.

Rating 3 of 5.

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