323 of 1001 Albums: Brian Eno’s Another Green World

Brian Eno makes an even better album than Here Comes the Warm Jets, with Another Green World. While the debut was good in this one he sounds like has more of a put together sound that is filled with a lot more emotion. There is something more personal in the sounds, and lyrics of the songs. At times the album feels upbeat, and at times it’s quite somber.

It isn’t really “Sky Saw” that catches you when you first hear it. At first you wonder what is the potential of the album until you hear “St. Elmo’s Fire”, which finally makes the album take off. It’s upbeat, and soothing at the same time. Many of the songs don’t have lyrics though, and this is one of the few, but you don’t need the lyrics to feel something as you are listening to the songs.

“The Big Ship” is one of the songs that has no lyrics, but it’s a favorite. There is something that sounds sad abut it, but the way it builds sounds really good. “Everything Merges With the Night” has the same feel, but has lyrics with it. There are songs that keep your interest despite the few that aren’t as strong. There are a lot of songs on the album, but most are very short.

Brian Eno shows why he was someone who sort of contributed to pushing forward the sounds that would peak in popularity in the 80s. He tries things that are different, and creative, but still resonate with the person listening. You could probably listen to this album over and over again as a whole, and it wouldn’t get old to listen to.

While the album may sound like something pushed in the way of 80s music, there is also something still timeless about it that makes it an enjoyable listen no matter what year you’re listening to it in. There are times it is good music to relax to, others to dance to, or just chill out to when you’re feeling a little down. It could even be good writing music as it just has this soundtrack vibe to it also at times. Another Green World just shows the possibilities that Eno would continue to progress to in music. (Wasn’t able to find a music video from the album, so posted a song with another band that has been featured)

Rating 5 of 5.
Recommend Listen: Everything Merges With The Night

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