Saturday Movies: Premium Rush (2012)

Joseph Gordon Levitt had a huge year in 2012 with appearing in movies including The Dark Knight Rises, and Lincoln. David Koepp seems to take more part in being a writer of entertainment than someone who directs it, but he has churned out a few other movies before this one including Ghost Town, and Secret Window. Premium Rush isn’t bound to move his directing career forward in a huge way, but it is a good action paced movie with decent acting.

Wilee is into bike riding, and his job as a bike messenger has helped him maintain a lifestyle involving bikes. His girlfriend, Vanessa, even feels pushed away by his intense interest in them. When Wilee encounters a guy, Bobby, though who is set on getting a package he picked up from a friend, he finds himself on the run from a guy who wants the package for the wrong reasons. It doesn’t help that Bobby is apart of the police force in New York, and is using his power there to get every cop after him either. What happens is that it becomes the messengers against the cops in the hopes of getting the package to the right destination to help their friend, Polo.

Premium Rush is entertaining from the beginning. It’s a little bit of an odd story, but it is unique nonetheless. The little moments used to show how Wilee views the road, and navigates it makes it interesting, and adds something to it. In some ways it seems like a good movie that reflects back on how the action used to be in movies from the 90s or something. Most the cast has talent riding bikes so you see a lot of intense stunts that add to the realness of it.

Joseph Gordon Levitt has proven himself to be a good actor, and in this one there is still something likable about him, but nowhere near as much as the other characters you have liked he has portrayed. He seems a little more like a guy who has a lot of flaws, and while he ends up proving he wants to do good there are still some ways he treats his girlfriend that seem a bit off. Dania Ramirez isn’t an amazing actress, but she brings something to the role of Vanessa that fits. In some ways she can be a tad annoying though. Besides the bad guy, Wole Parks as Manny was the only other cast member that comes to mind, and while his role was small he built the competition between Wilee, and himself quite well.

Also, Michael Shannon has been building steam the past couple of years with movies like Take Shelter and with his role in the television show, Boardwalk Empire. He is also set to play the villain in Man of Steel. In this movie he shows why he would get hired for such a role as he has a flare for being the bad guy. For Bobby he tries to give him characteristics that makes him selfish, and little traits that make him seem evil like his laugh. Seeing where Shannon goes as he continues on with his career should be interesting.

Premium Rush is an hour and a half movie, but it goes by really quick. Koep has wrote some very known scripts like Jurassic Park’s, and Spider-man’s. So when putting together this movie you can see how he used all his knowledge of making a movie to entertaining into this one. Not all the acting is at it’s strongest though, and the plot may seem a tad laughable by some, while it is one of the more unique ones of recent.

Rating 4 of 5.

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