Television Review: Legit (FX)

It doesn’t take long to see what Legit is about, but it does take a little longer to see that it is a show that  reaches a little to tug on the heart, but not so much so to make their male audience uncomfortable, though there are a few scenes that will make almost anyone squirm including many incidents of straight men having to come in contact with another guy’s private anatomy. The show ultimately shows a really bad though who is trying to do some good in order to be a better person, but the thing is he still seems to try to benefit from it for himself. FX knows that Wilfred is one of their hits from a comedian from Australia, so now they have enlisted another Australian to give them another in Legit.

Jim is sort of a slacker guy, but he wants to become a more mature individual who seems like a legitimate adult. You know, like having a wife he can have sex with (even after she has gained weight as he puts it), and accepting the world has pain, like by going to visit his friend who is ill with a bad heart condition, and physically disabled. This visit brings him the opportunity to do some good though as he sees it, so he offers to take Billy to a whorehouse in Las Vegas to lose his virginity. Billy’s family doesn’t believe this is the best idea, but he is determined to do it before he dies, and Jim knows just how to get someone to help him.

Sounds quite enthralling and tasteful right? In between gagging over how disgusting the plot of Legit is though you may admit to yourself that it was somewhat of an entertaining show. Anyone can understand the concern that Billy has, but the degrading amount of use of women it’s huge in the show, and it’s sickening to watch. With that being sad the scene where they are driving to Vegas is really good as it is matched with music from Fun, and being smart everyone knows that Fun is the music you go to feel emotional, and like you want to party at the same time. Also, the ending where they leave is quite good.

There are a few times that the scenes are laughable proving that the show doesn’t need to resort to a bunch of dirty stuff to find them. In car scene where they are driving it gets quite funny seeing Jim loosening up Billy while on the road.  Then they get to the place where Jim has to find someone who will sleep with Billy, and that’s where Jim gets quite rude again. The main appeal of the comedy is to pretty much insult, and if it achieves that then it has reached the audience they want to reach.

There is potential for a lot of good humor, and some of the jokes appeal to a lot of the humor of the younger generation. It’s very sarcastic, and sort of takes lightly the idea of being a failure. It mixes it in with a few dark subjects involving death, and Billy who seems to struggle with what life has given him, but seems to have accepted it. DJ Qualls is really the highlight of the show as far as acting goes as he does tug some heart strings with his performance. In some ways Jim reflects a lot of the sentiments of someone finally having to face the reality of it when you haven’t been around people much who are facing it. The crudeness takes away a lot from the show though. You don’t always need dirty jokes to be funny yet Legit has them every five minutes within the half hour slot it maintains.

Rating 3 of 5.

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