Library Reads: The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Midnight

Thankfully, you don’t have to have recently read the previous books in the series to keep up easily when you pick up this one. That might even extend to if you haven’t read any of the books previously in the series. The last one in the series Shadow Souls, sort of seemed somewhat like a mess, but with the ending L.J Smith always provides an ending to get you to pick up the next one.

Elena has been able to rescue Stefan from the Dark Dimension with the help of Damon. There were some consequences despite the fact that they all made it out fine though. Stefan is weak from his time spent in prison there, and Elena can’t provide the amount of blood he needs. Damon has been turned into a human by strange powers. Damon is desperate to be a vampire again, and even though Fell’s Church is in trouble he would rather spend his time finding someone who can help him become a vampire again. In his search though he accidently carries Bonnie with him back into the Dark Dimension where humans are basically slaves. Elena and Stefan leave to rescue Bonnie, leaving Matt and Meredith to take care of Fell’s Church. The fact that children are being possessed and turned evil has another source that is closer than any of them previously thought.

L.J Smith has wrote mulitple series that have spun off from her first Vampire Diary series. She recently began this unit called The Return, and has a Stefan Diaries series, and one called Hunters. That is a lot, and it leaves room for some bad stories, which have happened. Midnight isn’t going to bring Smith many new fans, but it might revive some old fans hopes that she can still bring a novel that will interest them.

Elena whether it be in the show, or the book just is an annoying character, though less annoying in this book, and Bonnie just seems like someone who would be way too perky to be around. The other characters like Damon, are what you would expect from Damon, and Stefan is way more understanding that you would expect him to be. Meredith is the one who seems to be the one with the most interesting development, and the most likable of the team. It’s a bit odd how the author writes her dialogue though especially in the fact that Meredith thinks thoughts to herself about how she is an Hispanic woman. That would have been better told from Meredith acting out something from her heritage.

Again, Smith makes an ending that will have you picking up another one of her books though the majority of it just confused the heck out of you. Perhaps, there are just too many villains to really keep up with everything that is going on, but the writing loses you sometimes. Also, the romance isn’t the best written in the world. All romance can be cheesy, but the way these characters speak with one another at times just doesn’t feel real. With each book there is the hope that at some moment it will click but it hasn’t. Probably, the  most interesting is the interaction between Damon, and Elena with a few twist here and there.

Vampire Diaries reads more like a fantasy with each book, and less like a romance. That could be the intention, and plus for some fans. Midnight is one of the stronger ones so far in the series that Smith has continued in the middle of it’s heightened popularity again. There are some moments where it’s hard to get through but there are moments it’s interesting enough to leave you wanting to continue reading though.

Rating 3 of 5.


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