326 of 1001 Albums: David Bowie’s Young Americans

David Bowie seems to take a less makeup turn in Young Americans, and even gets more 70s. Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory were very fun albums, and while Aladdin Zane was good too it lacked a little bit of ump that the first two had, but he finds a way to revive that in Young Americans. While Bowie still showcases his talent with his unique vocals he changes up the music a bit from this punk rocking, glam sound to something is a little more fused with soul here and there.

“Young Americans” gets started with the title song, and at first it takes some adjusting to if you weren’t expecting it to sound like it does. With each song though the album gets better, which is great because it builds off each song into a better album till by the end of it it feels like a lot of fun.

The album gets really good somewhere around the middle with “Win”, but then it continues to just get better. His take on “Across the Universe” is also unique as a cover, but still keeps the flow of the original. The one song that will probably be playing in your head over, and over after you listen though is “Fame”. It’s really catchy, and has a nice little beat to it. There are even a few more serious minded songs that tone it down a bit like “It’s Gonna Be Me”, which was a good way to end the album.

This album shows that David Bowie was working hard to put more soul sound into this album. The backing vocals, and instruments reflect the good effort made to do so. The fact that he worked with John Lennon on “Across the Universe”, and brought in various other soul and funk musicians to help out with creating this album shows his dedication to his music, and crafting it before the release.

Young Americans is what you can expect from a guy who cares about creating a sense of atmosphere, and directing his music in a direction very seriously. He doesn’t leave any room to at least have someone chime in there was a lack of effort made to do what he intended to on this album. Each song captures what he was going for, and though it isn’t like his previous album it brings in a new, but still fun era of Bowie. It doesn’t take long to know you aren’t listening to the same Bowie though as soon as you get a look at the album cover.

Rating 5 of 5.
Recommended Listen: Fame

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