Saturday Movies: Intruders (2011)

Intruders isn’t really terrifying, but it isn’t slightly intriguing. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has dealt with directing horror before in 28 Weeks Later, but instead of zombies this time he is instead spooking with old ghosts.  Depending on how much you like being scared you will appreciate the fact that the ghosts aren’t that scary, or you’ll wish they were. While you have a good many plot holes by the end it at least gets you by with the entertainment.

The story begins with a mother, Luisa, and her child appearing to be haunted by something that keeps attacking her son. We then switch to see another family where a girl named Mia begins to be haunted by the same thing. Her dad, John, at first seems to take the threat lightly until he realizes what it is. It’s harder for him to convince her mother, Susanna, that the threat is just as real. As these two families seek to get help we see how their lives merge together throughout the movie to lead up to a big twist for the viewer.

Intruders probably won’t appeal to many in the sense that it seems to be a horror story that can only involve two people, and anyone else outside of that can’t experience the horrors possessed between the dad, and daughter. It seems to leave many more confused than with closure by the end. Fresnadillo builds up the tension well, and makes the scenes more so with nothing there more scary than with the scenes where we see something there.

Clive Owen is a good actor, but in this one he doesn’t do anything particularly stand out as his character Jack. He’s a likable guy who seems to love his family, and that seems to be what counts. Ella Purnell is young, but she seems to have a lot of acting potential. Though her character doesn’t have many dimensions beyond scared she still portrays her part well. Carice Van Houten as Susanna is a tad annoying, but we don’t really get enough of her story to form a full opinion about her. The scene where she is completely nude seems uncalled for, and any kid would be freaked out to walk in on what she did, but instead she acts way too chilled about it.

To be honest, I didn’t see the ending coming. Perhaps, I was following closely enough, but when the reveal happened it felt like I should have known, but somehow missed it. Also, the twist also seemed subtle enough that it might go over some people and not be noticed. The main thing with the movie is that it always feels like it will get scarier but never does. It stays basically at one level the whole time, and the part where people’s faces are removed doesn’t feel scary when you actually see it.

Intruders won’t be a horror classic, or revive the genre, but it provides something interesting to watch to fill some time. The acting is good, but nothing that will blow you out of the water either. There are some interesting things to talk about at the end of the movie like what was really happening, or what the intruder really was because you never really know if it’s real or not.

Rating 3 of 5.

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