331 of 1001 Albums: Keith Jarrett’s The Koln Concert

You probably won’t realize this album is live just by listening until the last few minutes of it when people start applauding because you’re so focused on his piano playing you don’t even realizes all the other noises fro the audience throughout. Jarrett is an amazing performer though on the piano. This is the best selling solo album in jazz history, so that says quite a lot just in itself. You can even hear a lot of personality, and emotion in the music as you listen. You might need to be a lover of jazz, and pianos to really get into this one though.

The album is divided up interestingly enough. You have Part 1 and Part 2. Then Part 2 is divided up in two a,b, and c. Overall, you have an album that runs about an hour long. Part 2 has something more upbeat about the overall vibe of it, while Part 1 is heard a little more somber. He has these interesting little moments where he sounds like he just gets lost in the piano playing.

The concert that this album was recorded out was sold out, so Jarrett had a packed house to perform to, and what adds to the album is that the audience really likes to interact with him. It makes it come to life. Even more incredibly he improvised a lot of the music on this album while playing live. He didn’t even publish this music till years after.

Keith Jarrett definitely has talent, and you can’t deny that. He has an ability to make music flow on the spot, which you probably never see. It’s so rare that it makes him quite astounding. Listening to jazz piano may not be everyone’s forte for an hour though, and it’s definitely for people who have a taste for relaxing, and want to let their mind wander to the music. There are points where you can just hear a story within in the music, which makes it quite cool. I had a hard time finding these songs live, so enjoy Jarrett performing some other of his music.

Rating 2 of 5.
Recommended Listen: Part 2a

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