Book Review: Paige Omartian’s Wake Up Generation

Paige Omartian is a cancer survivor, recording artist, author, and public speaker. She’s done a lot, so she is out to inspire others to wake up and find their passion also. For someone who has led quite a life herself though she relies a lot on other stories, and very little of her own to drive the book. Ken Mansfield released his own story of his cancer battle this year, but kept the book singular to his story, and Biblical passages that inspired him to keep strong without bringing a ton of other stories into it.

Their is something the next generation seems to be struggling with, and it’s the common practice of apathy. Many teens, and young adults find themselves bored, and relying on the short entertainment of sex, and drugs to make life exciting.  Paige wants to share her story of how cancer changed her perspective of living life for the short thrills, and into one that made her focus on God because he was the only thing that would be there before and after the cancer. Her constant hope there was something bigger to rely on. She shares accounts not only from the Bible, but from fellow musicians, and other teens that made a difference in other’s lives because they decided to step up, and live the gifts they have into helping others.

As said, Paige has an extraordinary life herself, and the book could have had a more direct focus on that. When we start off with her story at the beginning it catches you, and then after that the content just seems to repeat itself. It sort of helps when you write a book like this to see it correlated back to your own life, and how those beliefs helped you personally. Also, the book seems to sort of eliminate the struggle you have even once trusting Jesus with your life. You don’t instantly find success the moment you embark on choosing to not be apathetic. Another thing that could have been done is analyze why people perhaps are apathetic.

The book does provide some helpful verses from the Bible for reference though. Most of them at least provide groundwork for what is being shared. Also, understandably the message is being wrote for what seems like mainly teens, and as someone who works as a substitute I think it is a very good message as apathy seems to be the worst I’ve ever seen it. The only thing is with the way the message is presented it might only appeal to certain types of people. Most of all the book seems aimed at adults working with that age group as something to read over with them.

Wake Up Generation is at least trying to address a problem that seems to be overlooked, and that is that teens are really apathetic, and it seems to be worse than ever. Being bored is a common saying of most of them, and work comes very difficulty to most. The act of even making a pencil move seems painful to some, and somehow some sort of spark to be motivated needs to be kicked backed in. With a really bad economy though the world of “you can be anything” is sort of changing, and as my generation begins to have children we know better than to let our kids grow up believing that after most of us have struggled to find jobs, and have worked more in retail than we thought we would after high school. Paige probably is a good spokesperson to most of that younger generation though. Her writing seems very bubbly and energetic, and she looks young and hip to that age group. Not only can she perhaps spark a way to motivate them, but also share the message of Christ as she does. Ultimately, her point she seems good that the root of not being apathetic is having faith in Him, and she seems to know enough about what is going on among young adults to start a conversation about it. She’s lived a life full of experiences to overcome, and that is in itself admirable.

Rating 3 of 5.

This book was provided by Glass Road Publications in exchange for a review. 

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