Movie Review: Warm Bodies (2013)

Jonathon Levine showed with 50/50 that he has the capability of filming a comedy that balances drama, and tugs at the viewer’s heart. He seemed like an odd choice to direct a zombie movie, but not long after watching you realize he was the right choice for this type of movie. It’s tough to balance monsters, and romance nowadays as it is expected to be cheesy with no depth, but Levine reaches another well-balanced movie. With a great cast of people to bring it to life too it is a movie that is better put together than you would have expected.

R is a zombie, but he is a zombie that realizes he wants something more as far as human interaction goes. When him and his group attack a group of humans he finds a girl that brings something in him back to life, and he chooses to rescue her before she is eaten. Julie arrives back where R lives frightened and wanting to return home, but as she gets to know R she also learns he doesn’t seem quite like she thought zombies were. The realization that the two share might change the whole undead, but a war is brewing in the midst of the change between the living that is left and the “bonies” who are past even being zombies anymore.

Warm Bodies ultimately plays out as a really sweet movie. It is much more lighter than expected after a bit of a dark start. The cast is also great and upcoming actors with a few more known actors threw in. What helps the movie is the humor that is mixed in, because this is never a type of story you could take too seriously, but the fact Levine was still able to take a serious aspect about coming back to life, and weaving in what it is to become human again was nicely done.

Nicholas Hoult can be found in movies like X-Men: First Class, and the upcoming movie Jack the Giant Slayer. He does the narrative for R well, and makes him someone the audience does care about despite his flaws as a zombie. He’s intriguing to watch on screen. There is also Teresa Palmer who has had gigs in Take Me Home Tonight and I Am Number Four. She hasn’t had a time to really shine yet, but in this movie she shows she has some ability to act, and brings out the feminine aspects, and tough survival ones that Julie has had to acquire living in this type of world.

There is also other notable performances likes Analeigh Tipton who has came a long way from her America’s Next Top Model days. She’s already scored a role in Crazy Stupid Love, and she builds upon showing she has potential in Warm Bodies. There is something about her that is naturally funny, and a fun actress to watch. Also, John Malkovich, appears as Julie’s dad, Grigio.

The movie has a very dark atmosphere. The red jacket was probably just added to give the movie something light about it. The use of light and dark though was used well to show better times, and times they lived in currently. Also, Warm Bodies probably has one of the most memorable soundtrack to it you will hear. The music adds to the movie.

Warm Bodies is a lighter movie in world where dystopian movies have been taken to their darkest. It provides a little more hope than the usual, and in the darkest spots of the movie it still uses humor well to keep it light. It’s a memorable watch after you walk out of the theater. The acting is brought strong by the cast, and it is cleverly written.

Rating 4.5 of 5.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Warm Bodies (2013)

  1. Given the explosion in zombie culture and the avalanche of zombie movies, it was only a matter of time before a studio pitched the romantic possibilities. However, if this is what we get from the studios, well then I guess I can’t be that mad. Good review Holly.


  2. Thank you! That is quite true. I think the director is definitely what made the difference. So far he's got a good reputation with me, and he was one of the main reasons I wanted to see it.


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