332 of 1001 Albums: Neil Young’s Tonight’s the Night

Neil Young knows how to keep it fresh as each album still sounds like Young, but also something different enough about it to make it exclusive to that album. Though the album was delayed for two years it still made a wave when it came out to success. There is a reason this album sounds more somber as Young gets a little more serious after suffering from two losses, and chooses to let his grief run on this album. This album doesn’t even play for the intention of the listener but more so for Young to just find some comfort somewhere in his own music.

With a little bit of folk sound here, and a little bit of country sound here he seems to cover a wide array of sounds in a short time. It isn’t the first few songs that kick it off that catch you though, but instead “World on a String” grabs you followed by “Borrowed Tune” this is when the intent of the album seems to heavily run through it.

The album seems to pick up pace about halfway through, and really veers into more a country twang sound at times. The mix with Young’s unique voice is interesting. His voice is quite easy to recognize, and he knows how to match the music to a voice that may not be appealing to all upon first hearing. Some of the better moments of his music is the introduction of the harmonica though. It gives it a peaceful, reflective sound like in “Albuquerque”. It sounds very nice pieced with the guitar.

The album is one that flows nicely though. It sounds like songs that all work together because they are evenly matched in theme and tune despite the fact they all have their own creative sound. Neil Young’s album is different from anything you’ll hear even in the folk/country genre. His voice is strange, but it grows on you as you listen. On top of that the deep roots behind the album make you quite somber as you just know a lot of passion, and hurt were going into it most likely. You almost feel at times you are listening to something too personal from a place not often seen of any musician.

Rating 3 of 5.
Recommended Listen: Albuquerque

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