Book Review: Wanda Brunstetter’s Goodbye to Yesterday

So this serial novel is six small books around around 140 pages all for $6.99. That is quite a steep price especially considering the book seems like something someone would put for free online. The writing also creates no development or action. It’s like the author is just telling you straight up, and not letting the characters act it out. Even if you’re writing a short series you still should bring your writing A-game. If this is how she always writes then I am curious as to how she reached the Bestseller List. I may just check out something else from her to see if this is how she always writes.

Meredith and Luke are an Amish couple who seems to have a bunch of hardships hit them all at once. Luke has lost his job, and Meredith may be pregnant. When Luke gets an offer to learn how to build gravestones he believes it is the chance to take charge of making his own living by learning the trade. The thing is he has to travel to Indiana by bus to meet the guy to learn it. This means leaving behind Meredith in another state, and risking his own life to travel in some bad winter weather. Meredith decides to wait till he gets back to tell him of her pregnancy, and the two take hold hoping this opportunity opens some doors for them.

The plot does have potential, but the way it is carried out is just poor. For one there isn’t enough character development in the novel that introduces them to really begin caring about them. Also, Meredith constantly mentions something bad happening to Luke before he leaves. It’s like the author is trying to scream at us that this will end tragically, and this gives away the end of the first book. You want to keep the reader at least in suspense, but I already know to expect something quite awful.

Another thing is that the dialogue just doesn’t seem realistic. It sort of feels flat at times as if they don’t have life to what they are saying. You have a lot of things that could be interesting too like the unexpected pregnancy, and even the incident at the end, but the way it’s handled just isn’t something that builds up to it to keep you interested.

Personally, more was expected from the book. She seems to know a lot about the Amish culture, but she doesn’t create a very interesting atmosphere, nor well developed characters. On top of that these are expensive books, and the length and quality just doesn’t seem to be of that value. They almost read more like  excerpts, or something the author would post online for fans. The most outrageous thing just happens to be the price though of this book in contrast to what is being offered.

If you’re a fan of this author, then you might like it, but I think most people would expect more from something they take the time to read. You don’t even have to get the rest of the series to know how it plays out as you can look over the rest of the covers of the novellas that are soon to follow it this year. That tells the whole story.

Rating 1 of 5.

This book was provided by Handlebar Marketing in exchange for a review.

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