337 of 1001 Albums: R.D Burhman and Bappi Lahari’s College Girl/Shalimar

This is a soundtrack to a Bollywood film, which I definitely didn’t expect to listen to on the list. It was an unique adventure though to hear some music that doesn’t get a lot of attention on the list, and hear stuff you wouldn’t expect. This one of the most popular albums from either of these artist. While outside of my element it was a fascinating and fun listen.

The beginning song doesn’t sound like anything new, but the album gets more interesting as it goes. “One Two Cha-Cha” is way to get you moving, and enjoying the album if the first song wasn’t enough to do that. It’s nicely blended with the backing Indian music, and a dance vibe that sounds appealing. With each song it sounds good, and it captures the mood that the song seems to be trying to achieve as far as matching with the mood in the moment of the movie with songs like “Romantic Theme”

Another song that you’ll remember after listening is “Baby Let’s Dance Together”. It matches a lot of the sounds of on the “One Two Cha-Cha” while the others seem more like traditional background music. These songs have a little bit of dance, and even radio hit possibility to them as they stand on their own without the movie.

The album knows when to be interesting even when sometimes it’s not. It’s definitely an interesting inclusion on the list, and introduces you to an aspect of music you won’t often hear if you’re just a listener of certain genres. Some of the songs mix soul sounds with Latin, and it just comes off as a huge mix of interesting sounds to listen to in a couple of songs. Songs like “Dialogue” aren’t the most interesting though.

So if you’re looking for a place to kick off your excursion in Bollywood then maybe this is it. It’s a fun album at times with a lot of movement, but probably best matched with the music that it is made for which is hopefully just as good. I think it might even gotten me a tad bit curious about the movie. Overall, good album though.

Rating 7 of 10.
Recommended Listen: “One Two Cha-Cha”

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