339 of 1001 Albums: Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here

Progressive rock band Pink Floyd released their ninth album in 1975, and they weren’t yet near finished with the music they would continue to release. As signature of them to do the band deals with heavy themes on the album, which give it an undercurrent of sadness, and intrigue. The album doesn’t have many songs, but the ones included speak volumes about what the band wanted to establish. With each one running like a story there is something extra unique about this album.

Continuing on with their previous venture in The Dark Side of the Moon, the guys use plenty of synthesizers, and other effects on the album blending it with some nice acoustics and electrics. Some of the topics tackled in the album include absence, the music business, and their former band-mate, Syd Barrett. Overall, the guys just seemed dissatisfied with life. The recording of “Shine On Crazy Diamond” seems the most tragic in the sense of the story of it when Barrett dropped in awkwardly on the recording despite he wasn’t in the band anymore.

The highlight of the album is “Wish You Were Here” though. It’s very simple, and doesn’t have a lot of the sounds used on the other tracks. It’s also one of the saddest ones on the album. The sound and lyrics perfectly blend to really capture a time. Though there isn’t a lot of song fans won’t be disappointed as they run at long lengths. On top of that the band creates more than just stuff that sounds like music, but more so tunes that sound like they are speaking something.

Wish You Were Here isn’t a light album to listen to. There is a lot of discontent, and erratic sounds that reflect something happening much deeper in the band. While the band members all sound like they are doing their own thing they construct something that still comes back together to sound like a song that is worth hearing. The guitars soar at certain intervals in songs that really showcase the talent within, and it also has it’s own little feelings it reflects. It takes some time to acquire a vibe for progressive rock if it’s your first time listening, but it’s more so of music you listen to and realize the heavier connotations behind it. The band ends with the second part of “Shine On Crazy Diamond,” and it is a great ending to the whole album. Each song is crafted to fit at the appropriate spot.

Rating 9 of 10.
Recommended Listen: Wish You Were Here

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