Saturday Movies: Hit and Run (2012)

Hit and Run is probably that comedy from 2012 you didn’t see. There wasn’t anything that particularly made you want to see it from the commercials, but it’s a nice little surprise if you do watch it. The comedy is decent, and the story is sort of a more grittier rom-com type of variety. Dax Shepard and David Palmer collaborated to put out this film, and while it didn’t get too much theater reception it makes a good rental.

Annie and Charles have been dating for a year or so, but when Annie’s life has some big changes being presented she also finds out about some big secrets about Charles, including the fact that he isn’t who he says he is. Gil is Annie’s ex, and he doesn’t like that she has moved on with Charles, so he begins researching him revealing that Charles is in the witness protection program, and he’s actually a guy named Yul. Charles is determined to get Annie to her job interview though despite the fact that Gil will do everything to stop him. Even though Annie doesn’t trust him anymore she really wants the job interview, and risks it to travel with him. On top of that gang members begin stalking Charles as well leaving him with a trail of people on his tail.

When you analyze the dynamics of Hit and Run it’s quite interesting. It was a movie Dax Shepard was apart of directing, and the cast is all rounded out of people who seem like a close knit group of people. Kristen Bell is his fiancee, Tom Arnold and Bradley Cooper are close friends of his, and well I don’t know the whole bit with Kristen Chenoweth being on the cover, she isn’t a huge part in the movie. Chenoweth doesn’t seem to be this growing actress though. Not in the sense we’ll see her leading any roles anytime soon, but I feel we’ll see her popping up as a minor character more often.

Naturally, you’ll expect Kristen and Dax to have chemistry as their characters since they are dating in real life. Kristen Bell is a good comedic actress though, and much more so than Shepard. You also have Bradley Cooper as Alex Dmitri, a gang member, and what makes the whole role most interesting is how out of place Cooper is as a gang member. He is funny though, but sometimes you feel he could have been a lot funnier as well as the guy. Thankfully, Cooper has already got some credentials as an actor with his Oscar nomination for Silver Linings Playbook, so we all know he is very capable of playing a character to the maximum.

The unexpected funny moments come from Tom Arnold though, who seems like he hasn’t starred in anything since forever ago. He has the goofy scenes as an incompent cop who is watching over Charles in the Witness Protection Program. The fact he has a little tore up van he tries to drive as the more power driven cars sets up for some funny moments though. Also, if you like a lot of car action scenes then this is a good movie for that.

Overall, the two leads have a lot of chemistry providing some backing for the story it needs. It’s nice to see a couple willing to sacrifice things to be with one another, and a man who wants to be certain the woman he is with is happy even if it means he must sacrifice. There are a few comedic moments, but don’t expect Hit and Run to be laughing out loud a lot as it just more so blends in with the action.

Rating 6 of 10.

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