90 of 1001 Movies: Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Martin Brest has a very small base of movies he has directed, and Beverly Hills Cop has to be by far his most popular, and well liked one. His other work includes the much hated, Gigli, starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, and Meet Joe Black. The only other more well reviewed than Beverly Hills Cop he put out was Scent of a Woman. You can sort of tell that Brest isn’t a full on comedy director though as Beverly Hills Cop has some funny moments, but that is more so courtesy of Eddie Murphy than anything else since he seems more naturally humorous.

Axel Foley is a detective working in Detroit, and he is sort of straddling the line of remaining employment there after his out there tactics. After witnessing his friend’s murder he wants to pursue that investigation, but he is denied it, and instead chooses to go on vacation to sneak out to Beverly Hills to do some investigating. The culture is quite different than what he is use to including how the police force runs their department.

Sadly, this movie was not as funny as I expected, and was even boring at times to watch. There was something about the characters that was just bland, and many of the side actors didn’t seem to be able to act as some of their lines sound like they read them straight off the paper. John Aston as Billy Taggart seemed to be the worse at this. Beverly Hills Cop doesn’t have anything particularly special about it, and considering it’s on a list of movies I should see before dying you have expectations there will be a moment you understand why. While it is enjoyable for what it is, it’s also very typical of the 80s.

Eddie Murphy is what salvages the movie. Sometimes he doesn’t even look like he enjoys being there though. He has some witty lines that he carries out well, and the way he interacts with the different of vibe of Beverly Hills is comical at moments. There is just something missing though from completely pulling me into the movie, and join along in the journey of the characters. Moments involve the characters going through peril, but you don’t seem to really care what happens, or who did the crimes. There also isn’t much action. The beginning has an opening that gets you excited about some of the stunts you might see later in the movie, but that doesn’t happen.

Beverly Hills Cop provides a nice blend of the things you are looking for, but it doesn’t do it to a memorable extent. You have action, and you have the humor, along with a little mystery for the detectives to be solved even though everyone is working against the guy best cut out for the job. Depending on your type of humor it might be funny. With the heavy 80s setting there is also an 80s soundtrack that doesn’t sound great. It actually gets slightly annoying to listen to because it sounds like it is repeating the same sound over and over.

If you have time then you might want to watch it, but it’s not a movie to go out of your to watch if you already haven’t. If you are a fan of Eddie Murphy, or you like the type of humor you could find some interest in, but it seems a little slow in certain areas, and the characters aren’t that interesting. It just plays out like a movie you would expect of this type.

Rating 5 of 10.

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