344 of 1001 Albums: Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger

Willie Nelson has really got it going on. Nelson is soothing country music to listen to, and there is something different about as he implies this really rebel attitude while you are listening to his music. Nelson is sort of a different type of country singer though. It mixes a little folk into the mix, and it has a soft sound that isn’t too in your face, and is really reflective and just soothing. Nelson just gets it good on this album.

Things kick off with “Time of the Preacher”, which has two other little minor versions on it during the rest of the album. It sets up the whole album nicely, but you really get a nice vibe by the second song. “I Couldn’t Believe it was True” is sort of staple of the songs you will be remembering and come back to more for on the album though. It has a nice soothing rhythm, and it really fits many moods you could be in while listening.

“Red Headed Stranger” is the title song, and probably one of the songs you will first go back to on the album to listen to again. It’s lively, and has a fun little strand to it. Nelson seems to enjoy himself no matter the tune he is playing. Also, being someone more red headed it’s nice to hear a song more directed at that hair color as it seems to be the least popular of ones.

Willie Nelson really appears to a variety of fans though. You don’t have to be a huge fan of country to enjoy it, and country fans can enjoy it also. Nelson also has a nice voice that fits the music that is backing him. It’s soft, and along with the music it voices itself in a way to keep you comforted even if the lyrics appear to reflect something a little unsettled.

Give Red Headed Stranger a try. You can’t really dislike this Willie Nelson album as it gives plenty of range to like, and everything about it seems nice to listen to. You have nice vocals that fit the music, and a lot of talent showcased within it. Hopefully many more of his albums chart this list as this was a great way to get started acquainting with his music.

Rating 8 of 10
Recommended Songs: Denver


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