Wednesday Movie Night: Casino Royale (2006)

Martin Campbell directed a previous Bond movie before Daniel Craig began leading the franchise with GoldenEye. So you might have been excited about this one once you saw he was directing it if you liked it years earlier. Casino Royale is shot in a beautiful location though, which really helps the movie become beautiful itself. You also have a lot of action, and the romance that the following two didn’t have as much of sort of taken to a higher volume.

Agent James Bond is given his first assignment as 007 when he must defeat a weapon dealer in a casino game, but this is only the beginning of what he is about to endure on his first assignment. Vesper Lynd poses as his wife during the game, but he finds his feelings are growing for her. Being that James Bond has put a target on himself by competing with a powerful man to win back money though puts not only himself as a target but the ones he loves, which becomes Vesper Lynd.

Casino Royale is Daniel Craig’s breakout performance as James Bond. He brings a very different vibe to the role, and it promises a great start to the new version. Also, he somehow makes the scenes more intense with his silence. Judi Dench also continues her role as M, and you really couldn’t imagine anyone better to be the lead agent in the movie. She has sass, and she comes back with great lines. On top of that she just has a powerful feel about her.

The¬†villains aren’t really as hugely memorable as the ones in the following movies though. I can’t even remember who the bad guy was that well. Le Chiffre was sort of the head guy as far as bad guys in this one, and he plays it well though. It’s not too over the top, but bad enough that you do feel disgust toward him for the crimes he is involved in. The slowest part might be when they are playing at the table. There are some intense moments threw in that make it a good scene the way it balances it out, but at times it feels a little slow, and you think the whole movie might be based there.

What really makes the whole movie appealing is how it is shot. The scenery and location for the movie was very good choosing as it brings out so much color in an otherwise very serious, and sometimes even dark movie. It gives a lot of good basis to start the James Bond character out with to build from for other future movies. Actually, it gets more destructive than expected as far as trying to destroy the things that Bond begins to feel deeply for.

Casino Royale is a good Bond movie to explore. For those who might want a more serious, and modern Bond, Daniel Craig does bring that. You can tell he is having a lot of fun bringing to life the role. The movies have gotten better as they went as far as building character, but this establishes some really heavy things about his character.

Rating 8 of 10

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