Wednesday Movie Night: Quantum of Solace (2008)

Marc Foster has a variety of movies he’s directed including Stranger Than Fiction, and the upcoming World War Z. Quantum of Solace is just one of the many various movies he has directed. Of the three movies featuring Daniel Craig though for some reason it doesn’t stick around as the most memorable or character driven though it does give you plenty of action. It does seem like a nice build up from Casino Royale to the transition to Skyfall. He has a gritty vibe about his movies that is present not only in Quantum of Solace but shows up in other movies like Machine Gun Preacher. You can tell he is a director that has tried to carefully choose his work though.

James Bond is still upset over the loss of his love and he’s seeking revenge, but he also must stop an organization from eliminating a country’s valuable resources. He meets Camille who he finds some sort of relatable grounds with, but also puts the agents around him in danger, upsetting M who thinks he is becoming too careless. Bond isn’t going to let anything stop him from seeking revenge though, which seems to have become one of his most important priorities.

Foster made a movie that is a little bit harder to bring to mind than the other two, but it fits well with the rest. As the second movie it does feel very much like the movie that connects the first and third. It’s finishing up the loose ends we might still be curious about from the first, and beginning some ties that we will want to see covered in the third. What might most be appeasing is the appearance of the movie as their aren’t many stand out performances outside of Daniel Craig and Judi Dench.

Daniel Craig gives a consistently good performance in the Bond movies. He’s still got a little bit of snappy comebacks, and a little bit of a dark mysterious feel too. You can tell he is a guy reeling from loss in this movie as he seems to act like he has nothing to lose. Judi Dench can play tough as M, and when she gets mad she really makes you believe though she always seems a little stern. She’s fitting and a great actress for M. She has something that exudes wisdom and the ability to lead.

The movie though is shot in a bland area, but the director does give it life. You have lots of desert, but the way he’s shot it, and the color he has still fused into the film makes it more watchable and lively. Also, there is more action in this one than either the first and third. It’s probably needed since as a fill in movie there doesn’t seem to be many character leaps, or anything else to grow it.

Quantum of Solace isn’t the strongest movie in the Bond franchise, but it’s still a good showing, and shows some talent. Craig still proves he can be Bond, and adds his own flare to him. It’s a good way to continue progressing the movies, but it probably won’t be one you look back to remember on. It has lots of action though, and a few little twists that keep it moving though.

Rating 7 of 10

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