355 of 1001 Albums: Rush’s 2112

There seems to be a fascination with making album covers that look sort of Sci-Fi in the 70s.  Rush though knows how to make an epic album with great guitars, and vocals to match though. It’s very monumental rock music. Actually, the band was being pressured to not do another concept album from their record label after the previous failure of Caress of Steel, but the band did what they want, and proved them wrong. This is definitely one of the better concept albums out there.

The first of the album is “2112”, which is compiled of songs into one. This really showcases some of the best moments of the whole album. The way it picks up and slows back down creates a great vibe. Geddy Lee does lead vocals, and honestly I haven’t heard anything like his voice so far on the list. It’s definitely bringing in more of the vocal sounds you’ll here in the 80s too. These guys though have proven me wrong so far on my hesitance about prog rock though.

After the first showcase is over we get stand alone songs like “A Passage to Bangkok” and this features one of the funnest riffs. They sort of incorporate a vibe to make the song feel as if it is in the setting of the title, and it’s very well done.  The group slows it back down with “Lessons”, and the somber vibe mixes it up quite well while keeping in line with the album’s story.

If you’re curious about what the story behind the album is, the first “2112”, is about a galaxy where the content people view is controlled including songs, pictures, etc. When one man discovers an ancient guitar he begins playing and also introduces it to the people who lead that galaxy, but they are angered by the discovery and destroy it. I won’t spoil the ending though, so if you’re curious about what happens to guy after the guitar is destroyed then just give the album a listen. As for the rest of the songs that pop up after this one they are all stand alone ones.

The fact that “2112” is strung together to create a story, and an intriguing one at that, is appreciated, and something that takes talent in itself. On top of that very talented music and vocals are put to it. Overall, it gives the album the vibe needed to make it a classic. It’s one of the more popular prog rock albums, and probably is a great way to get your foot in the door listening to it.

Rating 7 of 10
Recommended Listen: A Passage to Bangkok.

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