Wednesday Movie Night: Seven Psychopaths (2012)

Seven Psychopaths is the first movie I’ve heard of from Martin McDonagh, and this movie shows his potential to continue growing as a director even though he does seem to model his way of directing from Quentin Tarintino. Seven Psychopaths does weave a story well together though. You have this action comedy backdrop on these guys who seem to take on a lot of developments as characters and live up to their title as psychopaths.

Marty is a struggling screenwriter, and he’s looking to write something that will bring him his hit. He feels like he has met potential with his story titled Seven Psychopaths, but when his story sort of takes on reality it gets crazier than he asked for, and hits home more than he would have liked. His friend Billy is working with a guy, Hans, to steal dogs, and they end up kidnapping a very dangerous guy’s, Charlie, Shi-Tzu. Charlie is now on the hunt for his dog, and he is willing to take down anyone who gets in his path to find the two men responsible.

Almost the whole main cast brings notable performances. Colin Farrell is the lead as Marty, and while he may not be the stand out of the cast he does well as balancing his loyalties as a friend, and trying to understand the psychopaths, while keeping his own sanity. Farrell seems to be getting better about choosing better roles for himself. This was also the first movie I saw Sam Rockwell in as Billy, and he does a great job at making us think this guy is sane. There is something that brings out a human side to him enough to keep the viewer feeling for him despite the change of events.

You also can’t miss Christopher Walken, and if there is one performance to watch it for it is for his as Hans. He is such a likable guy even though at the beginning you think he will be the most mad of them all. Also, Woody Harrelson is the worst of the psychopaths who just wants his dog back, but seems to show know compassion for humanity in the process. Harrelson basically does what he does best, and it isn’t really anything bad, but nothing new either. The other sort of oddball appearance is from Tom Waits. Who knew he could act?

The one thing about the film is that it is overly gory at times. So bad it will make almost anyone cringe. It is way too graphic, and sometimes we can understand what is happening without all the detail. The movie does tie in some things that you wouldn’t expect like the interracial relationships which is seems to just go with as another little back story. The favorite part for me had to be the story on the story though. It added the unique flare it needed.

Seven Psychopaths was better than expected. It is a different type of action comedy, but one that makes some unique leaps. There are some things that could have been cut or portrayed differently for the viewer’s sake, but it does develop the character’s well, and has some funny moments along the way. Some of the characters might even hit a spot that makes you feel for them.

Rating 8 of 10.

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