360 of 1001 Albums: Bob Marley and the Wailers’ Exodus

Some pretty traumatic things have happened to Bob Marley since the last album with the Wailers he did including an assassination attempt on his life, but Marley and the band stay as outspoken as ever on their 1977 release, Exodus. After being exiled to London after the attempt on his life he began the recording of Exodus. Overall, the basis for the album is the struggle for freedom he was trying for Rastafarians in Jamaica.

This album definitely seems to have even a stronger reggae flare to it on the album. It is the most popular of their albums and, still garners a lot of attention today from critics. While the album doesn’t get started with one of the hits on the album but, instead “Natural Mystic”, it won’t be long before you hear tunes that might be enjoyed more if not already.

“Jamming” was the first song that caught my interest on the album. The vocals and the instruments seem to come together to work a lot better together, and it’s easy to see why it was a single release. It isn’t till the last song that you really hear the song that probably still gets the most air play from this album even today and, that is “One Love/People Get Ready”. You can hear the back story heavily to the album as Marley just calls for the freedom for Rastafarians to live peacefully as they are.

When researching the album it does put a whole new spin on how you perceive it. Most look at the message as one personalized for everyone to love each other and, have peace and, while Marley probably wouldn’t mind that the meaning is a tad more personalized to the situation occurring in Jamaica during the 70s when he could not live out his beliefs without some form of attack on his life along with his wife. You end up having a mixture of politics and religion shared on the album.

Reggae still isn’t a style of music that has caught on me but, the music can be appreciated. It’s relaxing and, the sound is very different from anything else you will hear. It also does highlight the talent of the band playing as you can hear their music fused into the music to showcase it. The album is also a nice way to be culturally aware of what other countries and those people in that area have experienced.

Rating 5 of 10.

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