362 of 1001 Albums: Chic Manish’s C’est Chic

I’ve been wondering where all the disco is at. Chic Manish probably has one of the most popular R&B songs of all time with “Le Freak”. Every since seeing the Frank Zappa album titled Freak Out! I have been wondering who sung the song with that chorus and, finally I have heard. Not only that but, the song made the band a popular club hit as well in the late 70s.

“Chic Cheer” gets the album started, but it isn’t amazingly what got me into the album. Instead that will be “Le Freak”, which comes right after it plays. I could tell the album was going to be a bit funner than the previous ones though. When “Le Freak” came on though it was a relief to finally know who sings it. For some reason the song is just a lot of fun and seems very¬†representative of the disco that you heard from the 70s. Whenever they even refer to that period of the 70s it seems like they always lead in with that song.

There are a couple of songs after this that maintain a nice vibe, but for some reason the interest level did drop off especially after finding there wasn’t one that quite entertained like “Le Freak”. “Happy Man” is another song on the album that has good vocals and fuses in the same get up feel that the song had, but it still is a little bit more somber in comparison.

The group wasn’t just about disco and the clubs though as they did have some more serious songs on the album that were well done as well like “Sometimes You Win”, which also was a hit for the group from the album. It’s easy to see why as it did showcase their ability to have variety and write more serious intended songs for their audience.

C’est Chic is an album that is heavily R&B and disco, and it mixes some of the sounds of the 70s funk in as well very well. There are a few songs that really stand out and others that seem to blend in behind them without being remembered. They’ve definitely created tunes that will be around for a very long time today as they still are very symbolic for the 70s.

Rating 7 of 10.
Recommended Listen: Le Freak

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