365 of 1001 Albums: Electric Light Orchestra’s Out of the Blue

It’s been awhile it feels since I’ve listened to an album I’ve enjoyed all the way through, and I didn’t expect for the Electric Light Orchestra to be the next album I listened to that surprised me and really gave me something I enjoyed. Also, I couldn’t help but get extremely excited to hear Mr. Blue Sky begin playing on the album. It always makes me think of the trailer to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. 

This album is good from beginning to end though, so I didn’t need to hear just that song to enjoy the whole thing.  “Turn to Stone” kicks off the album very shortly, and the songs after that play in shortness as well.  “Across the Border” though was the other song that really captured me. The music is heavily “electric” but there are other instruments mixed in that showcase a variety of talent. The vocals also are really catchy and sound very British. It’s fun music.
You can hear a very heavy 60s influence on the album that also merges it with the upcoming sound of the late 70s and 80s that makes it good. It’s very different. “Night in the City” was another one I enjoyed a good bit from the album. The next one I remember loving was “Mr. Blue Sky”, which I’m sure is recognizable to most people. It isn’t till the near the end of the album that I find myself enjoying the songs even more.
“Sweet is the Night” feels like a great love song for the 70s. It’s a little dramatic and over the top, but that adds to the whole thing. It almost feels too short. “The Whale” is the other song on the album that is one of the few that runs longer, and it takes it’s time getting started, but stays consistent with the album sound as a whole.
Out of the Blue is a great album, and I didn’t see it coming. While the sound may sound a little 70s it’s still fun, and something I would want to bring out for a group to listen to. When they guys aren’t contributing vocals I really miss it though as it does add to the music because it is a very unique sound to them. Definitely a surprise good listen though.
Rating 9 of 10
Recommended Listen: Mr. Blue Sky

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