Book Review: Donna Stanely’s New Wings

Donna Stanely has a lot on her plate, and now she is adding author to her list of accomplishments. As someone who who has studied angelology, demonology, and even anthropology of religion she seems like the perfect candidate to write a fiction novel of a girl beginning to be introduced and explore that realm. She also was a youth adult mentor and leader in her local church, and even has contributed to her writings to other publications. It almost seems she has been preparing to write this for years.

Olivia isn’t aware of the world that awaits her when she meets Mike. He stops to help her with her car, and then things begin to slowly weave together about who he actually is. She didn’t think she would have her own guardian angel though as she has always believed they stay afar for more serious matters. After meeting her guardian angel she begins to see other aspects of the spiritual world as well, and begins to prepare to help protect them from what she can with the guidance of Mike and her faith.

Very early on in the book the whole route of the book is established. It’s about a girl facing many tough problems that teenagers do in the school year, and while Olivia is trying to help others she also has problems of her own she must take care of as well…like her obsession with boys that seems to be clouding a lot of her judgement regarding other things in her life. For some reason the angels, not only Mike, seem to like Olivia more than other teenagers though. Another angel, Gideon, seems to judge the girl he was given to guard over, Christina, for the bad choices she makes as a teen. He doesn’t seem to have the same care for her as Mike has for Olivia, and it is sort of sad.

This all goes to say that angels most likely aren’t like parents though. Of course, much of this book all depends on how you perceive angels. Since it doesn’t deal with certain ideas it gets meshed into some very obvious denominations. Not everyone exactly goes about their faith in Christ the same, and this book seems to focus a lot on what type of approach. Plus, I think while it does mention God, it seems to loose focus of Christ, and the characters are much more intertwined in relying on the forces of angels and demons existence instead of the one who created them, or at least that is how it reads.

Each chapter reads almost as a short story. This does help with the flow, and makes it quite easy to follow. It’s more like each chapter instead focuses on an incident that occurs, and Olivia witnesses it. Some of the events are quite dramatic, and as a high schooler I can’t say I experienced any of these things. They make for interesting stories though, that do try to explore realistic scenarios taking place.

Your enjoyment of the book will highly depend on your age and your views on the topic, even if you’re Christian. The author is trying to rescue the topic of angels in fiction from the recent trend of romanticizing them into beings that humans have relationships with, but it’s unclear whether this direction is exactly the path to take with it either.

Rating 7  of 10

This book was provided by Glass Road Publications in exchange for a review.

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