372 of 1001 Albums: Prince’s 1999

This is a complete compliment, but while definitely different there were some songs that definitely put me in mind of  Talking Heads. While this is considered his breakthrough album, it isn’t his most successful. That would be the album to follow, Purple Rain. It took five studio albums before Prince sort of even exploded into fame.

History: It’s the album credited with inspiring R&B, pop, and further genres that would come after that honestly relied on on heavy dance beats. The album also caught MTV’s attention, and it would have one of the first videos, “Little Red Corvette”, that would find itself being one of the first videos from a black artist to be in consistent rotation on the channel. It seems to make since that Blade Runner was a huge inspiration for Prince for this album as well. The sounds intermingle with what was found in the movie score.

Vocals: Prince has a unique vocal style. It’s a got feminine tone to it, but he does inject something into that makes it appealing and probably even attractive for many women to listen to. I guess to sum it up it has a suave quality. The style still seems prominent to me in a lot of modern R&B as well. “D.M.S.R” and “Automatic” are songs in which seem quite pivotal in showing his vocal skills.

Recording: The music is just as fun to listen to now as it was in the 80’s, or at least I think so. The songs previously listed were some of my favorites, but if you’re more of a singles fan, some of the songs better prepared for that are “Little Red Corvette” and “1999”. The quality though is very good for the 80’s. His backing band, Revolution, adds a lot musical talent, and unique flare to the music. “International Lover” is one that mixes a lot of different sounds to create a unique blend.

Most people I’ve met seem to love or hate Prince. I’ve never met anyone in between. It’s easy to see why as his music straddles no lines about what it is. Prince also just seems to do his own thing in the album, and that is probably why it well received. He would go on to spawn a huge tour, and even a movie based on his follow up to this album.

Rating 7 of 10.

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